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Foundation Problems Repaired By Expert Foundation Repairmen

Heaving concrete is caused by mostly water saturation, and there are two common methods for lifting a sunken concrete foundation, piering and slabjacking. Piering fixes concrete foundations by placing supports underground that lift and support the concrete. While, slabjacking fills the space under the slab with a grout mixture that floats the foundation back to its original position. Our Expert Foundation Repairmen will be able to asses which repair method is best suited for your foundation problem.

Horizontal Cracks in Stem Wall

Horizontal cracks in your outside foundation stem wall? This could be a serious problem. Usually these horizontal cracks are a result of the rebar oxidizing. When rebar rusts it grows in volume putting pressure on concrete, at first cracking it and given enough time will follow the rebar all the way around the stem wall, causing water to enter the interior slab. This is caused by chloride ion exchange in the moisture laden pores of the concrete that facilitates the oxidization of the rebar. Once started is very difficult to stop with traditional means. Sealing the crack with epoxy will not stop the rebar from continuing to oxidize and expand cracking the concrete. The proper fix is to expose the rebar, coat with an ion blocking epoxy, and patch the concrete with high quality grade patch material with fiber installed by professional patch men. Once the patch is completed, a water stop and paint is applied to the stem wall and back filled slopping the dirt grade away from the foundation, this will fix most foundation problems.

Heaving Foundations

Structural failure caused by heaving slabs result from movement in the underlying subgrade which the concrete lies on. The soil sink due to underground water erosion and natural settling and usually will cause cracking and heaving concrete. The concrete itself may also be subject to internal stresses because of poor consolidation areas of different depths of the slab, and will crack where there is least resistance in that slab.

Slab Cracks

Slab cracks can be caused by a variety of things like excessive water next to the foundation, and can be repaired and landscaped with no other repairs needed. Most slab cracks on interior floors are heaved concrete and are slightly higher than the other areas around the crack and will need to be ground down to all allow for wood flooring, tile, carpet or laminate flooring. Our Expert Foundation Repairmen will estimate and quote the cost of these repairs and have the solutions for these foundation problems. We grind concrete floors and patch cracks using high grade patch material installed by qualified repair masons.

Slab Settlement Cracks

Slab settlement cracks, foundations, footings, floors, driveways, sidewalks, and patios, is often changes in moisture content and density of the soil beneath the concrete slab. Soil beneath a concrete slabs can dry and shrink over time due to extended drought-like conditions or leaking water pipes, irrigation and other water saturation circumstances. Loosely compacted fill soils can also consolidate beneath a slab causing floor cracks, tripping hazards and other cracking and settling throughout a home or building.

These foundation problems and others, create a void under a slab. If the slab isn’t strong enough to span the void, the slab will crack, break, and settle into the void, creating the vertical fractures. The movement of the foundation sinking, will cause the interior concrete to crack, causing uneven slabs.

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