Foundation Inspection


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Foundation Inspections Include;

  1. Detailed video of the inspection.
  2. Inspection Report; Detailed information about why these problems happen and what repairs are needed.
  3. Estimate; Detailed list by line each repair with description and price of that repair.
  4. W-9, Insurance certificate, and workman’s comp certificate.
  5. Warranty; All repairs are warrantied.

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The foundation inspection includes video of the inspection, details of problems, diagnose & repairs of various types of foundation failure and damage, like foundation cracks, masonry foundation crack patterns, movement, leaning, or bowing foundation walls. Types of foundation cracks, crack patterns, differences in the meaning of cracks in different foundation materials, soil types, soil conditions, and other evidence of building movement. Concrete Repairman are foundation experts, and will find and separate cosmetic low-risk conditions from those likely to be potentially damaging to your home’s value.

Most foundation inspectors, and general building contractors are often able to recognize possible foundation or other building problems which may be costly or dangerous, requiring intervention of an expert foundation repair company like Concrete Repairman to make the inspection and repairs. Most often home inspectors, are not qualified or may not be educated in the foundation install and repair industry and may not know or recognize these problems.

Belville foundation inspections can, without performing any expensive engineering calculations or analysis, recognize signs of important foundation or other structural problems developing before engineers and foundation experts are asked to design a repair catastrophic building failure.

Concrete Repairman field inspection experience and education combined with an informed and careful inspection, provides building owners valuable information and costs of those repairs.

Foundation Video Inspection, Documented Report and Estimate Included $325 – Refundable at time of repairs.

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  • James and his team at Concrete Repairman came recommended by 2 other concrete contractors. As a project manager, I am constantly looking for the best solution for a variety of construction problems. James is knowledgeable, professional and more fairly priced. I will recommend him againBob Kendig 10/15/2016
  • Great Experience! So glad I found Belville Foundation Repair, the first two companies I called, I felt like I was getting the run-around and would be taken advantage of. I appreciate the professionalism of Tiffany and James and for treating me well. Thank youElisabeth S 10/15/2016
  • Got a great education on how to properly care for my home's foundation. James made recommendations that were less expensive than the other companies and made good sense! Great Experience!Carisa Knight 06/08/2017
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