A home inspection is a standard practice when buying a new home. In fact, a comprehensive home inspection involves a foundation inspection too. During the inspection, the home inspector will identify potential foundation issues that can have a negative impact on your purchase in the long run. A foundation inspection report by a qualified structural engineer will provide valuable information about your investment. This article provides information on the importance of home foundation inspections.

The main goal of a foundation inspection is to check whether the underlying base of your home is structurally sound. In fact, a licensed structural engineer will look at various factors to determine the condition of the foundation. Some of these factors include:

. Is the foundation compliant with the building codes in the area?
. Does the foundation perform its intended functions?
. Are any repairs needed to the foundation?

A foundation inspection report may include important information about the condition of the foundation of your home. This information may vary from state to state. But the basic information that needs to be included in the report should be there. Some of this information include:

Interior Examination-

. Examining load bearing devices and support beams.
. Check for water damage, mold, and improper ventilation issues.
. Check the integrity of the concrete floors/walls within the Foundation.
. Check for any internal cracks and determine their threat level.

Exterior Examination-

. Cracks on exterior walls.
. Irregular slopes and exterior bulges.
. Landscaping and irrigation.
. Water drainage issues, etc.

As a home buyer, you should get a qualified home inspection company to perform a foundation inspection before you decide to buy the particular home. On the other hand, the seller is bound to disclose any foundation problems when selling the house. Even if the seller doesn’t reveal such information, it is the duty of the buyer to get an inspection report before deciding to buy the property. If you discover any foundation problems in the report, you can ask the seller to repair these flaws before buying the home. If the seller refuses to do so, you can always go for a lower asking price. On the other hand, your lender might request you to get the foundation issues repaired before lending the money for the house. Hence, you should not ignore any foundation issues in the home when buying a property.

Contacting the best foundation inspection company in your area is important when getting such a report. They should employ highly qualified and experienced structural engineers to identify and report foundation problems in the report. But how will you choose the right company for the job with so many foundation inspection companies on the market? That’s where you should do the research properly. Make sure you do the homework before shopping for the best foundation inspection company on the market. That way you can easily pick the right company for the job.

The aforementioned article provides information on the importance of home foundation inspections when buying a home.