Heaved Concrete Repaired

Cracking can be the result of one or a combination of factors such as drying shrinkage, thermal contraction, the ground settling and something very heavy on it. Cracking can not be prevented but it can be greatly reduced and controlled by taking in account preventative steps. Another issue associated with cracking is ascetics . Cracks can be viewed as ugly but many clients feel that if a crack develops in their floor or walls that the product has failed. A wall for instance, if a crack is not structural, is not too wide and is not leaking water, it should be considered acceptable. But every crack should be looked at by a trained professionals. Concrete Repairman grinds and levels floors due to these types of problems, call us, we will provide you with fast estimating and repairs.

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  • James and his team at Concrete Repairman came recommended by 2 other concrete contractors. As a project manager, I am constantly looking for the best solution for a variety of construction problems. James is knowledgeable, professional and more fairly priced. I will recommend him againBob Kendig 10/15/2016
  • Great Experience! So glad I found Belville Foundation Repair, the first two companies I called, I felt like I was getting the run-around and would be taken advantage of. I appreciate the professionalism of Tiffany and James and for treating me well. Thank youElisabeth S 10/15/2016
  • Got a great education on how to properly care for my home's foundation. James made recommendations that were less expensive than the other companies and made good sense! Great Experience!Carisa Knight 06/08/2017
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