Have A Foundation Inspection Before You Sell Your Home

Before you sell your home, there are a number of inspections that you should consider having done. Among these inspections is a foundation inspection. Completing these inspections before you sell the home allows you to know what is wrong with the house and what your potential buyers will need to repair.

Understanding The Problem

Having a foundation inspection before you sell your home is important because it tells you if there is anything structurally wrong with your property. There are 3 things that a foundation inspection can tell you and they are that there is nothing wrong with the home, that the foundation has settled or that the foundation has subsided. There is a big difference between settling and subsiding and you need to know which affects your home.

When you understand what the problems are, you can look into the costs of repairing the issue. In some cases, you could repair the foundation problems before you sell your home. However, if you cannot repair the foundations you need to be prepared for the hit to your asking price that the report will generate.

Gaining Trust From Buyers

Completing a foundation inspection before you sell your home does increase your trustworthiness in the eyes of your potential buyers. The buyers will see that you are not hiding anything from them because you are able to provide a report of the inspection. If there are problems with the foundation, you will also be able to honestly tell them how much it would cost to repair.

What Is The Difference Between Settlement And Subsidence

Knowing the difference between settlement and subsidence is important if you are going to be selling your home. Settlement is something that normally occurs when the property is new and the structure moves the foundation soil to accommodate the load of the building. Subsidence can happen at any time and will mean that the foundation soil has moved away from the building causing the support to lessen and the structure to move.

Of the two results of the foundation inspection, subsidence is considered the more concerning. If you have subsidence issues with your property you need to be open about this with the potential buyers. This is a problem that can be solved, but it could be costly and you need to consider this.

Selling A Home With Subsidence Issues

If your home has subsidence issues or has ever had any subsidence issues there could be a problem obtaining insurance. Most insurers will not be willing to take on a property where this problem has occurred and this could affect your sales. The buyer of your property may also have an issue when it comes to getting a mortgage. Some mortgage brokers will not want to give a large loan for a building that has foundation problems.

It is important that you complete a foundation inspection before you sell your home. This will provide you with information about the state of your property and any issues that could arise during the sale process.

• The Cost Of The Service

When searching for a foundation crack repair company, it is recommended that you gain quotes from several contractors and compare them. It is also recommended that you draft a budget before making any decisions. By drafting a budget, you will be able to determine which of the quotes obtained is affordable. Furthermore, detailed quotes will indicate the exact amounts to be paid without any additional costs.

• The Duration Of The Service

It is essential that you consider how long the contractor will take to fix the problem. The majority of foundation damages can be resolved in a week; however, it is important that the contractor provides a project time frame beforehand. This will help identify whether they can meet your needs in a suitable amount of time.