Foundation Cracks Repaired

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Horizontal cracks in your outside foundation stem wall? This could be a serious problem. Usually these horizontal cracks are a result of the rebar oxidizing. When rebar rusts it grows in volume putting pressure on concrete, at first cracking it and given enough time will fallow the rebar all the way around the stem wall, causing water to inter the interior cement slab. This is caused by chloride ion exchange in the moisture laden pores.

Slab Cracks

Foundation Repair Experts Arizona (602) 418-2970

Interior slab cracks consistent with moisture amounts from poor landscaping and water runoff from roof water, enough to move foundation stem walls around the perimeter of the foundation. This movement is also responsible for the vertical fractures from stem walls to the roof of the home or building. Usually when foundations or stem walls sink, the pressure pulls the roof tiles, shingles, and roofing underlayment apart causing the crack or fractures to open up. These types of fractures open enough that rainwater can cause more damage to sealing and wall drywall. The size of the slab cracks are large enough that living rooms or any floor area can become unlevel, and needing leveling by grinding and or self leveling compounds.

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