Foundation Repair


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Foundation repair experts for stem wall repair, structural floor slab stitching, horizontal foundation crack repair, oxidized rebar repair and waterproofing.

There are many ways foundations can be effected in Arizona. Settlement is one of the biggest in our area.

Most structural engineers will tell you, your home was built of expansive soils, when they don’t know the answer the foundation problems. Vertical cracks like stair stepping cracks in the wall of brick or block home’s, are a sign of severe foundation settlement movement.

This will cause interior floor heaving, cracks in drywall, roof leaks, and water line breaks in your home. Buy having a repair expert to make the repairs correctly. Waterproofing, and painting foundation repairs after is also provided, that all other companies in Arizona do not.

Following the recommendations from James Belville, will stop your home from settlement. James Belville’s 34+ years of experience is your best choice for your home’s foundation problem solution.

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