Foundation Inspections

Having foundation problems and not knowing who to turn too and trust is something some people have anxiety over.

In the last 30+ years of seeing all kinds of foundation problems, I see many of the same types of damage. Most all of this type of damage can be avoided very easily at the beginning of the build of the home and having a solid foundation to start with helps. Even though this has been said for many years from experienced, knowledgeable, engineers, when they don’t know what the problem. The blame goes as follows,.. “Your home was built on farmland, but the number one excuse is, your house was built on expansive soil”……… expansive soil is 99% of the time not the problem. Expansive soil is real, and is documented throughout geographic areas of the valley in Arizona. Heaving floors, broken tile, cracks in the drywall, and doors not closing right, is not caused by expansive soils. Although there are companies, hear in the Phoenix area that will scare you in believing that, expansive soil is pushing up the floor, and you need a fan in your attic! What? By drilling a 6″ hole in your closet, and aeration tubes in the foundation perimeter will pull the outside dry air in, under your floor, thus drying out the moisture under your floor, that is causing the heaving. This could not be further from the truth. I prove this wrong almost everyday. Call me for your foundation inspection, and I will show you what is really going on, and help you with your homes health.

Thank you. James Belville 602-418-2970