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Foundation Repair

A house is one of the most valuable assets anyone can ever own.  Its value comes not simply from its cost but also from the shelter it provides to its owner and his family.  It is a special and long-term investment that needs to be properly maintained to ensure it remains habitable and homely at all times.

This is why basic knowledge of one’s house is helpful.  For instance, having a general understanding of how the foundation of a house works, or the telltale signs that demand foundation repair, can go a long way in maintaining the safety of the house.

Foundation Repair Basics

The foundation of a house is its base.  It is the subterranean portion of the structure situated between the house itself and the ground through which the entire building is partially embedded. It serves several purposes.  For one, the foundation evenly spreads the weight of the house or structure across the ground.  This prevents an uneven distribution of weight that may result to cracking floors or collapsing walls.  Also, it protects the base of the house against the surrounding force of the soil.  The soil exerts force against the foundation, leaning and pushing against it, as a result of the different geologic processes taking place in it.  Snow, water, ice and heat make the soil contract and expand, which can create the pressure. If the foundation is weak, or gets weakened, the structure on top may dip, get displaced, or collapse.  In such case, precautions must be taken or a foundation repair requested.

How to Know if a Foundation Repair is Needed

These are some of the indicators that the foundation may have issues:

  • Cracks

Foundation walls, when properly prepared and cured, are strong and tough, capable of standing unfazed against extreme pressure.  Thus, when cracks appear on their surface, it tells one that it is being subjected to natural tests of strength.  Normally, hairline cracks – especially those that are solitary, thin and small – are not causes of concern.  Do-It-Yourself (DIY) techniques can be employed, such as the application of epoxy, etc. to close the openings.  However, horizontal cracks and long cracks around corners may indicate a weakening foundation wall. In this case, professional assistance is necessary to properly identify and solve the problem.

  • Poles not standing straight

When the poles supporting the foundation are no longer standing at right angles, and if there are bulges against the foundation wall, chances are, the soil is pushing hard against this side of the foundation.  DIY remedies cannot resolve this, and a foundation repair is most certainly warranted.

  • Windows and doors harder to open and close

When windows and doors can no longer be opened and closed as smoothly as before, or gets jammed, the walls where they are fixed could be constricting.  This is because the foundation walls against them may also get pushed in.  When force is applied against the walls (coming from the ground surrounding the base), the tendency is for the wall to constrict.  Since windows and doorways were accurately measured and constructed, any constriction on the wall can readily affect them.  In this case, a foundation repair is also required.

  • When in doubt, ask for help

Although some problems can be solved easily, such as hairline cracks, others need professional help as early as possible.  When in doubt, seeking assistance from professional foundation repair companies is the best action.  This saves money, minimizes the damage and prevents bigger problems from occurring.

Needless to say, one’s house is important.  At all costs, it must not be allowed to go tumbling down. Call 602-418-2970 Today